Intimacy with God

We were created for intimacy. 

That’s the beauty of God’s design for us. We are created for intimate relationship. The problem is that we often search for God’s designed intimacy in all the wrong places.  We strive to find it in relationships, we strive to find it in appearances, we even strive to find it on our social media.  But we won’t find the fullness of intimacy in those places.

But there is really, really good news! God has invited us into a deep, thriving intimacy with Him. I know that can be something that we just brush aside as common “church talk”, but I hope you take a moment to recognize the magnitude of a truth like this:

The God of Heaven, who spoke all things into existence, who is above all things, before all things, and holding all things together – this God has invited YOU into a personal, intimate relationship. WOW!

When we begin to understand this, it is life changing! We begin to find our identity, our hope, our comfort, and our purpose in this relationship. We begin to grasp the fact that He has chosen to send His Spirit to indwell us with power for all that we need. We start to realize that we can communicate with Him through prayer and we can deepen the relationship through study of His Word, the Bible. We realize that our greatest treasure is knowing Jesus.

Some of you are living into this incredible relationship even as you read. Some of you, though, are searching for it in all the wrong places. But to both of you, I say the same thing: pursue Jesus. Ask God to grow your intimacy with Him. Meditate on the Word of God with great discipline. Surrender yourself moment by moment to His work in and through you. Live into the relationship that God designed for you. And above all keep Him as your greatest treasure.

We were created for intimacy and we can find it in Jesus.

- Adam